The TPG Sales Productivity Technology Suite is a collection of Web-based applications that puts the power of creation directly in the hands of your field salesperson. It allows your people to create communications customized to their unique needs and audiences while staying within your corporate branding guidelines. Our technologies are easy to use, completely customizable and have an almost immediate ROI. This suite includes:

Give your salespeople the tools they need to sell – now! The IMP is a web portal “one-stop shop” that provides an entire sales and marketing organization with immediate access to its sales effectiveness tools and programs. Using this secure web-based portal, a sales organization can:

  • Drive sales by driving graphic, branding and messaging consistency throughout even the most dispersed sales force.
  • Educate salespeople about the programs and tools available to them, and promote their use.
  • Increase sales effectiveness by providing one place where salespeople can get the latest news on company products, activities, promotions, competitions, etc.
  • Efficiently deploy Best Practices from top salespeople to boost performance organization-wide.


“With the IMP, our sales force can not only quickly acquire the materials they need to attract and close prospects, but they can use it to request new tools to meet their immediate needs.”

Successful salespeople know localized and customized messages are dramatically more effective than template or one-size-fits-all communications. That is why top sales performers habitually tailor sales messages to their target audiences. With the Dynamic Tool Creator (DTC), companies can quickly, easily and affordably customize sales collateral while preserving corporate brand integrity. Salespeople, distributors and franchisees can use the DTC to:

  • Increase marketing tool effectiveness by quickly adding local contact information to brochures, postcards, flyers and other printed collateral.
  • Effortlessly insert unique differentiators, digital imagery and sales channel information to pre-designed sales and marketing materials.
  • Avoid the high cost of custom-designing local sales collateral by quickly assembling ready-to-print PDFs.
  • Ensure the professionalism and brand integrity of locally produced collateral (i.e., salespeople won’t “create” their own collateral.)

This affordable turnkey application supports any-sized sales organization with local, regional and international offices, with the possibilities of co-branding, channel sales and distributorships. In addition, TPG’s IT Department can provide all the creative and technical support necessary to create your customizable collateral.

“The DTC is intuitive and easy to use. It lets me create what I need locally and saves me thousands in printing costs.”

Nothing succeeds like success – especially your success. Use your company’s recent triumphs to build credibility with prospects, share knowledge between salespeople, and drive future sales with TPG’s Success Story Marketing Program.

TPG’s Success Story Marketing Program allows your sales force to quickly and easily create short, impressive case studies that dramatically illustrate the benefits your company brings to its client or customer relationships. These stories are then electronically archived on a searchable website that allows other salespeople to quickly find, download and use these stories to support their own sales efforts.

All TPG Success Stories are customer-focused to emphasize your company’s ability to provide solutions for even the toughest challenges. Creatively designed, colorfully illustrated and company-branded, they contain glowing testimonials as evidence of your customers’ satisfaction. Contact information can be created dynamically to suit the needs of each user. And they’re formatted as downloadable PDFs which can be used by anyone in your company with a need to impress prospects or up-sell current customers.

Use TPG Success Stories to add extra depth to:

  • Your company’s information suite (collateral, websites, etc.)
  • Sales letters
  • Proposals
  • Customer communications

“A question we inevitably get from a prospect is, ‘How do I know you can do what you say you can?’ Thanks to TPG’s Success Story Marketing Program, I have all the evidence any skeptic needs right at my fingertips. That leaves one objection down, and me one step closer to closing my sale.”

Writing sales proposals can be a daunting and even tedious process. TPG’s Proposal Automation Solution™ not only makes the essential job of creating proposals quick and easy, it produces proposals that enforce your company’s Best Practices and consistent brand messaging.

The TPG Proposal Automation Solution™ contains a needs assessment feature that allows the user to choose the challenges of greatest concern to the sales prospect. The application can then automatically associate desired outcomes and specific product or service recommendations associated with those customer needs. Using proven selling strategies, the TPG Proposal Automation Solution not only allows users to create complete proposals within minutes, but the resulting documents are perfectly tailored to the selling situation, thus optimizing their effectiveness.

“The math is simple. With TPG, our sales organization went from creating 400 proposals a month with contract values estimated at $2 million to generating more than 1,800 proposals valued at more than $10 million.”