Why TPG? We increase your sales productivity

We create powerful sales, marketing and customer communications that help salespeople produce winning outcomes at every step of their sales cycle, from initial outreach to customer retention. And we develop advanced Web-based technologies that automate the creation and delivery of these tools so they are where your sales, marketing and customer service people need them: In their hands, online, on-demand, and in front of your customers…now!

Count on TPG to deliver:

Sales Tools Now!

Okay. You better call us now. So we can create your first round in one to five days! Your needs at your speed.

Consistent Communications.

Consistent Brand. Consistent Messaging. Consistent Best Practices. Consistently Increasing Sales. Every time. Everywhere. What more can we say?

We Make It Easy.

Call. Consult. Create. Get what you want. Our Solutionists are your in-house sales and marketing agency. We’re standing by to help you now! Yes, an agency can be that easy. Contact Us Now

Selling Your UVP.

What is your Unique Value Proposition? Do you know what makes you different from your competitors? Do your salespeople? Most importantly, do your customers? Isn’t it time you share the real value you bring to your customers’ bottom lines so they’ll start thinking of you as a partner rather than a commodity?

Enterprise Friendly Solutionists.

Let us do the introductions: Sales meet Marketing. Marketing meet Sales. Sales and Marketing: Meet Increased Sales Productivity. TPG has worked with some of the largest sales organizations in North America and we’ve crossed complex corporate borders. Sales. Marketing. IT. HR. We get it.

TPG clients turn more leads into prospects, more prospects into customers, and more customers into long-term brand champions. We’ve done it for some of the biggest names across North America. And we can do it for you.

Making An Impact