Tools That Sell

Do you have what you need to sell today?

Believe it or not, most sales people will say, “NO!”

At TPG, we have what you need.

Since 1991, we have been formulating the most effective design and content approaches to develop the tool kits companies need for their unique customer sales cycles.

Every tool must successfully engage its intended audience and yield desired results, and most importantly, align to the company’s brand and a specific touch point in the sales cycle. TPG will use these Best Practices when crafting your unique sales or brand messaging tool.

  • Brochures
  • Product Data Sheets
  • Websites and Landing Pages
  • Service Briefs
  • Success Stories and Case Studies
  • Proposal Programs
  • Door Hangers
  • White Papers
  • Advertisements
  • Postcards
  • e-Newsletters

Our team has created literally thousands of unique sales, marketing and customer communications.

Let us create a tool kit with the customized marketing communications you need to maximize your company sales TODAY!

Technologies That Deliver

The TPG Sales Productivity Technology Suite is a collection of Web-based applications that puts the power of creation directly in the hands of your field salesperson. It allows your people to create communications customized to their unique needs and audiences while staying within your corporate branding guidelines. Our technologies are easy to use, completely customizable and have an almost immediate ROI. This suite includes:

  • TPG Interactive Marketing Program™ – A one-stop Web portal that gives sales reps instant access to all the sales and marketing materials they need. Learn More ›
  • TPG Dynamic Tool Creator™ – Enables sales offices to instantly create customized collateral that speaks directly to local audiences. Learn More ›
  • TPG Success Story Marketing Program™ – Provides instant access to hundreds and potentially thousands of corporate-approved, searchable success stories. Learn More ›
  • TPG Proposal Automation Solution™ – Makes it possible for sales to generate winning proposals – whether two or 500 pages – in a matter of minutes. Learn More ›